Wasp Control

Wasp Control

Here at Avid Pest Control, we offer a complete wasp control service. Whether you require hornet control or wasp nest removal, we have a team of experts who have the right expertise and tools to remove the problem quickly and safely.

Wasps can be a great nuisance and are widely known for foraging in unsavoury places, such as dustbins and on carrion. But their nuisance and biggest threat comes from their sting and not the bacteria they spread, although this can contaminate food.

Get your wasp infestation under control

Many people experience a wasp sting as painful and unpleasant, but if they sting in a sensitive place, such as the inner ear, or they sting someone with allergies or a baby, the consequences can be much more serious.

So if you find that you’ve got a higher influx of wasps or hornets than usual and suspect that they have set up home in your property, make sure you contact the professionals at Avid Pest Control to remove them or, if necessary, destroy the nest and eliminate any nuisance.

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