Bird Spikes

Bird Spikes

Our bird spikes system, Avipoint, is a high quality heavy pressure bird spike system that has been specially developed to cope with the increasing levels of pressure applied to bird spike systems by pigeons and gulls.

The fine, stainless steel pins are fitted to a polycarbonate base. These are then attached using a strong clear silicone adhesive. As no drilling is required there is no damage to the building structures, so the Avipoint pigeon spike system is ideal for older buildings and has a minimum impact structure.

Bird Spikes

A range of bird deterrent methods

This is quite an intensive bird proofing method, and is ideal if gulls or pigeons roost on your building overnight, but for lighter pressure areas, we have a selection of bird deterrent systems that may be more suitable, including bird netting and bird wire. We can also provide a falconry service for particularly problematic areas.

Simply contact our team to discuss your individual problem and we will recommend the ideal solution.

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