Rat & Rodent Control

Rodents and Rat Control

Avid Pest Control are experienced rat and rodent control experts capable of removing rodent infestation problems, whether you have a mole, rat, mouse or squirrel problem.

Rats and mice have been shown to transmit a number of diseases to humans such as Leptospirosis (Weil's disease) and Salmonellosis, both of which are notifiable under the Public Health (Infectious Diseases) Regulations 1968. Rodents may also be responsible for the spread of diseases to livestock.

Fast and discreet rat infestation removal

As such it is absolutely essential that, whether you own a commercial premises or domestic property, you address any rodent problem quickly, effectively and with the help of trained professionals.

Our team can provide emergency services as well as pest control contracts that will keep your premises free from unwanted visitors. And with a wealth of experience, as well as a range of methods, you can be sure that we have the perfect solution no matter what the level of the problem or the type of building.

So if rodents are causing problems in your home or business, speak to the experts.

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