Building Cleaning

Pigeon Dropping Removal


Pigeon guano, or droppings, are not only unsightly, very unpleasant and potentially a health hazard, but the acidity of the guano can cause costly damage to your building. So, before you begin any work to control the pigeons or feral birds roosting at your premises, it’s recommended that you have the guano removed and the building hygienically cleaned.

Bird guano cleaning

Here at Avid Pest Control, our expert team carry out efficient and effective bird guano cleaning and disposal, followed up with a complete biocide and insecticide treatment. We work throughout Middlesex, London and the rest of the UK, and our professional team work on all manner of buildings, including commercial, domestic and industrial.

Once the pigeon guano has been completely removed, our expert team can assess your problem and recommend the ideal bird control method, which will stop the pigeons returning.

Simply contact our team today for more information and we’ll arrange a consultation at your premises.

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