Falconry Services

Falconry Bird Control

Our falconry services are a specialist form of pest bird control and can be used in any built-up, industrial or city location, indoors or outdoors, as a more natural and environmentally friendly way to rid your premises of pest birds.

Our birds of prey are flown at a disadvantage, so they don’t actually kill the pest birds, but will fly at the feral birds so they begin to associate the area with the fear of the birds of prey. Our trained handlers will carry out the falconry services, with each session lasting up to two hours.

Nuisance bird targeting

It usually takes 10-15 sessions for the bird of prey to establish its territory, and once the target birds have been scared away, they are very unlikely to return. But it is advisable that you keep up weekly or fortnightly sessions to maintain the territory and prevent other feral birds from moving in and causing a nuisance.

Simply contact our expert team to find out more and we will recommend the ideal pest bird control solution for your premises.

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