Fly Control

Fly Control

Flies are a public health hazard, known to spread bacteria onto any surface they come into contact with, making them dangerous for your health as well as your business. That’s why Avid Pest Control offers a fly control service that will effectively remove the problem, quickly.

Our electric fly control units are the most effective method for removing flies, and with a whole range of different types and sizes of fly zappers, some with electric grids, others with glue adhesive pads, we have a solution for any problem.

Discreet fly deterrents

The electric fly control systems are available with highly efficient light tubes, shatterproof tubes and can be supplied in stainless steel for wet areas. We can even supply decorative units that look like normal light fittings to blend in with surroundings.

We will offer you a full survey to determine how many units you need and where best to place them for optimum effect. We can also provide an annual maintenance contract changing the bulbs and ensuring that they are kept clean and functioning at all times.

If this sounds like something you need in your business or home, speak to us today.

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